What we stand for

We believe that sex is an adventure, a thrilling departure from the everyday. Not an “itch to scratch”. You can live your fantasies; all you need is somebody who wants what you want. Be who you want and do what you want.

Enough sexual politics, flag-waving and speeches. Pure isn’t a movement. It’s just an app for people who believe that hooking up is fucking awesome. We’re not trying to convert anybody; Pure is for people who are already down with hookups. We’re exploring the hookup space to find out what’s possible when people view sex as an adventure. As part of that, we collect thrilling, unusual, funny, sexy hookup stories to share with the world.

Some women think that paying for drinks or texting first is empowering. We think that’s bullshit. Female empowerment, to us, is knowing that you can have sex without wanting a relationship. It’s going on a sexual adventure and feeling good about yourself when you get home. And oh we do have some stories to back this.

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